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Kiremko Frituurinstallaties
Middellandse Zee 9
3446 CG Woerden
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)348 475555 | service department direct: +31 (0)88 4576060
F +31 (0)348 471071
Sales Manager: Oscar Muis

We do not provide service to the industrial machines produced by Kiremko Montfoort.

As we want to offer you fast and effective service, we have set up a new direct service number: +31 (0)88 4576060.

You will be now put in touch directly with our service specialists for ordering parts, scheduling servicing or reporting faults. A professional service is essential for your high-quality technical appliances. As you have come to expect from us, our skilled engineers still arrive quickly on-site. The number may have changed, but we have not altered anything about Kiremko’s reliable service.

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