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The Fish & Chips line: a fresh view on frying

The Kiremko Fish & Chips line is extremely popular in Great Britain, but is also rapidly gaining ground in the Benelux. The biggest difference with our other models? In a Fish & Chips design you can fry facing your customers. With a traditional ‘Dutch’ frying range you usually face away from your customers. Many Dutch catering entrepreneurs find the British configuration to be a great innovation - after all, it’s much easier to chat with your customers while you’re working.

100% Kiremko

The Fish & Chips line configuration, facing the customer, is the only difference between this and our traditional models. These frying systems use the same high-quality Kiremko technology, such as a digitally controlled oil filter system and the extremely efficient HR Fryer. We also manufacture our Fish & Chips models fully customised and adapted to your wishes. There are many options to choose from.


In the Counter configuration the frying range also functions as display. The space-saving heated cabinet above the frying system enables you to display cooked products to your customers; ideal for keeping customer waiting time down to the minimum.


The Island configuration creates a ‘frying island’ in your establishment. Your customers can approach this configuration from all sides, making this extremely effective for busy catering establishments.

Other configurations

Many entrepreneurs go for an L-shape frying system configuration. In this formation you can serve customers on two sides, enabling you to serve more customers simultaneously. Of course the classical ‘Wall’ formation is also one of the possibilities.

Fish & Chips options

You can design your Fish & Chips system entirely according to your wishes. Perhaps you’d like to include an elegant TopCool cooling system, so that your products are within easy reach? Or maybe you’d like an HR Fryer combined with our innovative Transfer system? This combination offers you a tremendous finish frying capacity in one go.

For an overview of available options, go to Accessories and options.

Our advisors would be delighted to tell you more about the Fish & Chips line. Please contact us for more information.



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