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The Fado: a modest powerhouse

The Fado has a tremendous finish frying capacity: up to 70 kilos of chips per hour - that’s almost 300 portions! And yet this HR Fryer’s dimensions are extremely compact. What’s more, the Fado’s energy and oil consumption are extremely low. The computer-generated Kireheat heat exchangers bring oil to temperature rapidly. And the oil stays at temperature, even when you’re cooking huge quantities of chips for a long time.

Specialist in small spaces

A Fado fits everywhere. Even if your kitchen is on the small side. The Fado’s standard model is already designed to cope with heavy work. Whether you have a huge company canteen or a busy motorway restaurant, the Fado will handle it. However, like other larger Kiremko frying ranges, the Fado can be completely adapted to your specifications. And then the Fado will show that it is well able to match its big brothers. That’s why the Fado is often used as a ready-made stand-alone frying solution.

Myriad of options

Like all Kiremko frying systems, the Fado is customised. This means that, if you want to, you can expand this compact fryer into a complete frying range. An interesting option for the Fado is the innovative Transfer system, which enables you to fry large quantities of chips in a short time.

For an overview of available options, go to Accessories and options.

HR: Fado’s greatest strength

The Fado is provided with the innovative Kireheat technology. Using highly efficient heat exchangers, this fryer reaches a certified output of no less than 94%. This is the highest certified output in the world.

The Fado consumes considerably less gas (up to 50% less) and oil than a conventional fryer. And it won’t take long before you’ll see that reflected in your budget. We would be delighted to explain more about the benefits of a Kiremko HR Fryer. Please contact one of our advisors for more information.



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