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The Allegro: years of frying enjoyment guaranteed

The Allegro frying range combines reliability and user-friendliness with a huge frying capacity. With its sophisticated design and a myriad of options, the Allegro frying range is a superb match for every professional kitchen. The Allegro is available in a conventional model as well as a high output version.

Attention to detail

Kiremko understands the world of frying, something you’ll notice down to the smallest details. The Allegro has no troublesome seams and edges, making it easy to keep clean. The worktop height is excellent and the various modules are always within easy reach. This frying range is provided with an integrated extraction system. The Allegro is finished in scratch-resistant stainless steel and can be expanded with various modules.

Expansion options: the choice is yours

Just like our frying systems, you can adapt the Allegro entirely to your personal requirements. For example, the Allegro has the unique possibility to incorporate round kettles with a diameter of 38 or 45 centimetres.

For an overview of available options, go to Accessories and options.

Highest output in the world

The Allegro can be equipped with a high output fryer. This has a certified output of no less than 94% - the highest in the world. Innovative heat exchangers bring the oil to temperature evenly and very quickly. And the oil stays at temperature, even if you cook large quantities of food for a longer period.

A high output fryer in your Allegro offers you the advantages of considerably lower energy consumption, a large frying capacity and lower oil consumption.



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