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Professional fryers for the demanding entrepreneur

The Kiremko name stands for top quality in frying. With a Kiremko frying range in your business you demonstrate your passion for the profession. How do we know this? The majority of Dutch snack bars use a Kiremko.

Our stylish frying range design will be the jewel in your business’s crown. But you only truly experience the advantages of a Kiremko when you start using one. The myriad of options, user-friendliness and high output make using a Kiremko frying range pure enjoyment.

A frying range to suit

All our frying ranges are customised. Do you have plenty of space or are you looking for a compact solution? Would you prefer a gas or electric fryer? What capacity do you need? Which accessories? Our professionals work with you to find the best frying solution for your business.

The ultimate service, day and night

If you buy a Kiremko frying appliance, you not only purchase the very best frying ranges in terms of technology and innovation, you also benefit from our excellent maintenance and repair service. Our professionals are available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frying in style

Kiremko offers so many models from which to choose: from the Prego’s sleek lines to the Bolero’s elegant curves, Kiremko has a frying range to match your business’s interior.

A reliable and user-friendly frying system that will never let you down. The Allegro is famous for its huge frying capacity.

Possibly the most beautiful frying range in existence. Its unique design and stylish curves ensure that the Bolero will be a real eye-catcher in your establishment.

The Fado is compact, but that certainly doesn’t apply to its frying capacity. This powerhouse easily fries 60 to 70 kilos of chips in an hour. Its modular concept will always match your kitchen.

A sturdy and robust frying range to which you can add many extras. With its sleek lines, the Prego will match every modern catering interior.

Fish & Chips
The fish fryers are available in various configurations, including Counter, Island and Wall. And, in contrast to our other frying ranges, you face your customers while frying.

The Transfer fryer enables you to fry huge quantities of chips in a short time. The Transfer is highly suited to staff restaurants, amusement parks and other well-visited locations. Do you use fresh chips? The Transfer is a simple, quick solution for pre and finish frying of your fresh chips. Also available as in-built option for the other Kiremko models.