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market leader

Kiremko is the top market leader in the Benelux and Great Britain as far as frying systems, fish fryers or frying ranges are concerned. And that’s not without reason. Anyone who has used a Kiremko will not easily feel satisfied with another brand. Kiremko is produced by QBTEC in Woerden, the Netherlands.


Kiremko has focused on innovation from the very start, which has made our frying ranges the ultimate user-friendly products. All our frying systems are designed without difficult seams; a must for easy cleaning. Another user-friendly example is the Transfer system, which enables you to fry large quantities in a short time. Our digitally controlled oil filtration system means that our customers don’t waste time filtering and replacing oil. And the high point of innovation is the Kireheat heating technology, which enables our HR Fryers to achieve a fantastic output of no less than 94%!


Every kitchen is different. That’s why Kiremko frying appliances are always entirely custom-manufactured for you. Would you prefer round or square pans? HR or conventional heating? TopCool refrigeration? A bain-marie? The possibilities are almost endless. Our advisers take all the time in the world to work with you in designing the best possible solution for your kitchen.


We know how important it is that your frying range is always in top condition. Whether you go for the elegant Bolero, the compact Fado or sleek Prego, you will always benefit from Kiremko’s extensive maintenance and repair service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that your customers can always count you.


Kiremko is one of the QBTEC brands in Woerden. Over the years QBTEC has earned its stripes in the frying field. Founder Quirinus Bakker started in 1944 with the frying oven brand Perfecta. In the 1960s the Kiremko brand was created to answer the increasing demand for crisps and chips, which had spread from the United States.

In 1987 the Kiremko leadership came into the hands of Gijs and Marijke Okkerman, who had worked in the catering industry. Some years later brother Marcel Okkerman joined the company. He is still responsible for technical development of Kiremko frying ranges.

QBTEC produces fryers, fish fryers and frying ranges under the brand names Kiremko, Perfecta and Smitto. QBTEC also produces the HiFri (innovative fat-free fryers) and Qook! cooking appliances for large kitchens.