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Innovative frying solutions for every kitchen. Sustainable and economical, and entirely customised.

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Kiremko’s unparalleled service guarantees the continuity of your company.

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Allegro, Bolero, Fado… Whichever frying appliance you select, you can expect top quality.

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Leader in innovative professional frying appliances since 1966.

You can expect the best from the market leader in frying appliances

If you are looking for a new frying appliance or frying range for your company or association, of course you focus on price, quality and reliability. If you choose Kiremko, you can expect the best solution. Kiremko has already been the European market leader for half a century. Our frying appliances satisfy the highest quality requirements, are energy-efficient and use little frying oil.

Stylish, user-friendly and innovative

The stylish design makes a Kiremko frying appliance a real eye-catcher in your business. Our systems are also extremely user-friendly. For example, the stainless steel work surfaces and panels are seamless, making them very easy to clean.

We work continuously on product improvement and innovation. You notice this immediately once you start working with a Kiremko frying appliance. Smart use of heat exchangers results in much lower energy consumption. The frying oil is heated rapidly and evenly. And it stays hot, so you benefit from a high frying capacity. The OES (Oil Efficiency System) ensures that you don’t need to change the oil as often, which in practice will save you some 50% in oil consumption.

Customisation as standard

Every kitchen is different. That’s why we always customise our solutions. We look for the best solution for your kitchen together with you. From snack bar to beach tent, from sports club canteen to company restaurant, Kiremko will offer you the best solution.

Unparalleled service

Kiremko was established in 1965. In 1972 Gijs and Marijke Okkerman, cafe owners with a need for better frying ranges, took over the company. A few years later brother Marcel Okkerman also started working for Kiremko as technical innovator. Our catering background means that we know like no other how important it is to you that your frying oven functions well. That is why we offer an excellent maintenance and repair service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that you never need to disappoint your customers.

Facts & figures


Electric Boilers

25% energy savings from electric boilers with modulating power.


High efficiency

Kiremko has the highest certified return on the HR boilers.



62% of the winners of the cafeteria top 100 of 2017 is Kiremko user.



You can set our frying ovens according to your own idea for 100%